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Peace Fam!

Thanks for visiting the site. I started Region in 1998 while working as an Assistant Designer in New York’s fashion industry. This was my second business, my first was a bespoke women’s gowns and formal wear company. In Region’s first years we sold t-shirts, skirts, and accessories by vending at street fairs and trade shows throughout New York City on the weekends. I would think up designs on my train ride to work. I still remember my first event, The Black Expo at the Javits Center in NYC. It was the place to be back then. I sold out the first day! My brother printed up more t-shirts for the next day and we sold out again. That’s when I knew I had something, and we expanded from there.

I needed a home base but did not want to own a storefront. So, I taught myself how to be a web designer. I built my first website (when dial-up was still a thing) to promote and sell my designs. I still design interactive websites and teach others how to do the same for their businesses.

After years of growing Region’s customer base and creating innovative self-affirming designs for 16 years, I shut Region’s doors in 2014. I shifted my focus and started a vlog called Cover me Chic to teach others to sew. I wanted to enable everyone to have the skills to feel great in their clothes.

Six years later, I’m relaunching Region because it’s still such a central part of who I am and part of what I want to share with the world. I want to continue to create for the community I hold dear. Shop on and find what speaks to you.

About Region


Zahiyya is a Designer and serial entrepreneur. Over the past 22 years Zahiyya has worked in the NYC fashion Industry building millions in revenue for design firms, also sewing and designing for private clients.

Her fashion and textile designs have been featured in various publications including The New York Times, Huffington Post, Aziza Magazine, Sew News and the Philadelphia Enquirer among others.

When Zahiyya is not sewing and designing clothes, building brands, or creating websites she can be found tending her many plants, reading, sipping coffee or hanging out with her two daughters, husband and family.


Region is Black owned and operated.

We sell Apparel and accessories that celebrates the African Diaspora.

Established in 1998. Relaunched in November 2020.

We believe strongly that we have to build economic wealth in our community so we can leave a legacy for those who come after us.


Region encourages people from the African diaspora to be comfortable in their own skin. Naturally beautiful, naturally you, is our mantra.

When you are confident within yourself and your abilities you make a better spouse, parent, friend and are an asset to our community.

With all the images bombarding TV, media practically everywhere we turn it’s hard not to compare yourself to that and ask yourself how do I measure up?

Region is here to tell you- you don’t have to. Find your lane and stick with it, then continue to learn and grow. Do you, everyone else is taken.